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Our Services

Whether it’s voting lines, dating services, SMS advertising or even competition prizes, we at Blackdog have it all! The Blackdog Communications has continued as a leading provider of SMS and IVR (premium rate numbers) platforms since it’s foundation in 2001. We’ve expanded our range of services through the years to provide innovative billing solutions and interactive marketing tools including bulk SMS, MMS marketing and most importantly our lucrative credit card solution.

IVR Services
A Premium Rate number (also known as IVR) is a high tariff phone number and can be recognised by a four-digit prefix, which identifies the call cost. The most common prefixes are 1550 and 1580 services; they are usually advertised through different types of media, such as television and print.
Calls to a premium rate phone number can be made from both a landline and a mobile phone; however, the cost of calling from a mobile phone can be higher depending on the network operator. The extra charge is distributed between the service provider and network operator.
Some examples of the application of premium rate telephone numbers include dating, chat, racing tips, information services (i.e weather updates and traffic reports), competitions and customer support lines.

SMS/MMS Services
SMS (Short Messaging Service) is simply a text message which can be sent between mobile phone users at a small charge depending on the network operator.
As with Premium Rate phone Services, there are also higher tariffs for SMS services for use of a specific service that can be identified by a short code.
SMS services are proving to be very profitable for media partners and can be used as a marketing tool for most companies.
Some examples of SMS services include sport alerts, news services, polls, texlines, voting lines, competitions, horoscopes and promotional/advertising messages.

MMS Services
MMS enables the mobile phone user to download music, video clips and images to their handset.
MMS is an exciting evolution of the hugely popular SMS text messaging service, adding pictures and sounds to text messages in GIF & JPEG format. Examples are; birthday greetings/electronic postcards, promotional messages (film trailers or adverts), and sport and news alerts, eg. footage of goals scored during a particular match.
Users of this exciting area of Mobile Entertainment can increase revenues and customer loyalty.

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Mobile Marketing Pack

Credit Card Services
The BDC Phone Club is a credit/debit card billing solution that allows customers to subscribe to a range of services.
The BDC Phone Club service operates on a subscription basis. A minimum charge such as €40, is debited immediately and this purchases either talk time minutes for dating/psychic/chat, SMS Chat, 3G Video calling etc. BDC Phone Club can be tailored to suit a range of premium content and services. Subscriber accounts are automatically topped up 30 days later until such time as the user unsubscribes. Customers can also top up at any time. Users have the ability to call a discreet automated unsubscribe phone number or call our BDC Phone Club customer team.
The service sends a host of SMS messages such as at sign up with PIN details, when a scheduled top-up takes place and promotional information.

Credit Card Terms & Conditions